About Ossy Pfeiffer "Osmator"

Over 30 years experience as a multi instrumentalist and producer @ Anca Graterol's Frida Park Studio. Profound knwledge in SSL Soundscape, Cubase, Logic Pro X, and of course all kind of analog desks and outboard gear. 

Why should you let me produce you?

Very simple! I kick the s... out of you and let you perform like you never did before. Producing is not only a matter of „getting it sound right“. That‘s simple damage mitigation and makes the difference between a professional production and a demo. 

I make you feel good and let you live with your sound. It‘s the one you picked out and makes you transport the song with your soul, your fingers or your voice. Of course it‘s important to choose the right mic‘s & pre amps for the right instrument or voice - But always keep in mind, that it‘s not the gear - It‘s the song! If the song is crap it will sound crap. Shit in = shit out.

Yes, i‘m a very good producer and engineer, can mix and master the stuff you multi - tracked somewhere else. I can make it groove though it doesn‘t - But i can tell, you will spend as much time and money for that as if you would have come to me straight away!

So: See you guys in the studio!

Take care - cheers,




Some Live & Studio pics