Ossy Pfeiffer | Musician | Producer

Professional artist since 1988

• 2021 •

Ossy Pfeiffer


I am a professional musician, multi - instrumentalist, composer and producer working at Anca Graterol's Frida Park Studio based in Hannover / Germany.

I can provide a wide variety of musical styles for all types of media.  Whatever your need, whether few seconds for a radio / TV ad, Audio Branding - 90 minutes for a motion picture, whatever band -  I can provide, engineer and produce inspired original music to enhance your production - Or JUST record, mix & master ;)

Pic: Sören Deppe

Anca Graterol

Studio owner | Producer

My partner in crime ;) We co-produce most of the music at her Frida Park Studio. She takes care of all vocal coaching + recordings and being a multi instrumentalist aswell, we share playing live-instuments depending on what the current song needs regarding style. 


Anca is very patient and loves editing - I don't - so we got a perfect symbiosis! With this workflow we can split up studio days and each of us starts with "fresh ears".

Pic: Lars Setzepfandt

Focusing on quality rather than quantity

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Good teamwork leads to great cooperations

What a lucky strike! While watching youtube videos, researching "reamping" boxes I stumbled over that manufacturer whith whom I already was connected on Facebook: Stefan Hüther from Redstuff Amps. The preamp which blew me away was his 1987 Pedal! It was 100% my taste and the sound I mainly need for hard rock | classic rock stuff. So I called Stefan and asked, if he had that pre-pedal thing with a frequency corrected output optional to be able to record "quick & dirty" straight away. "Well, not really - but I can build one for you..." One week later I got my custom 1987 Pedal! Thx, mate! Check out my promo video here ;)

Our Bass player Lars Lehmann called me one day and said: "Man, you got to check out that Walrus Audio stuff! They just released a reverb called SLÖ - you'll love it! Let me connect you with the guys from FACE..."

What happened then was impressive! Check out how I use it  here ;) 

I love Duesenberg

Knowing all the great people from Duesenberg Guitars and being friends for ages I surprisingly never had one of those guitars myself although Anca has several Rockinger, a awesome Starplayer TV Emerald Green and now a custom made Hannover 96 guitar! 2016 I was called by Neue Presse Hannover for their anvertising campaign and they asked, if I had a cool "accessory" like a guitar ;) Anca had the great idea to call Ingo from Duesenberg, which I did! So there we are: Duesenberg Starplayer TV Outlaw - Looks and sounds ace! Thx, Ingo! Thx Duesenberg!